Soft drinks, tropical cocktails, creams, ice pops. Everything you can imagine for beverages and flavour combinations under one roof. Check application levels provided in % to find the right dosage

Check application levels provided in % to find the right dosage.

Main applications: candles, wax melts, soaps, bath, and body care products, air fresheners, reed diffusers, chemical products, liquid soaps, cleaning products



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White Tea
Super Fragrances | Fragrance Oils White tea leaves, combined with bergamot and citrusy notes, underlaid with refreshing eucalyptus. Touch o...
Pink Gin
Super Fragrances |Fragrance Oils Pink notes of pomegranate, cranberry, strawberry with raspberry and a hint of red currant. The fruity note...
Passion Fruit Martini
Super Fragrances | Fragrance Oils Intensely sweet scent of passion fruit, orange, mango and pineapple. Honey with a perfectly composed mart...
Black Tea
Super Fragrances | Fragrance oils Black tea, deeply aromatic, with a luminous fragrance. A sophisticated combination of bergamot, lemon, o...