Watermelon Taffy Type

Super Aromas | Food flavour

What is Taffy? A chewy candy made of sugar or corn syrup boiled down with butter or oil pulled or stretched back and forth to incorporate air bubbles, then rolled, twisted, and cut into pieces. Add our mouthwatering Watermelon to this formulation to get the most of the Watermelon Taffy confectionery flavour

Average dosage: 0,6 - 3,5 g/kg

Solubility in water:Yes

Carrier: Glycol

TPD: Yes

Product code: SA-2021156

* Please see MSDS attached for more information

Capacities: 100 ml,1 L, 5 L,10L, 20L
Packaging material: PET, HDPE
Cap: childproof, tamperproof, induction sealing

Super Aromas | Categories: beverages, dairy, sweets, confectionery, bakery

Production applications: jams, candies, jellies, ice creams, creams, beverages with coffee, sweets, nutrition, and functional food, pharmacy, and supplements

Table enclose suggested dosage:

Candies 0,6 - 1,5 g/kg
Fillings 0,7 - 1,2 g/kg
Jelly Beans 0,6 - 2,0 g/kg
Jelly 0,6 - 1,0 g/kg

Additional information: Given dosage is suggested only, therefore it does not release the manufacturer from performing technological tests