Welcome to Sobucky WHOLESALE section!

This section is dedicated to all manufacturers, production companies, resellers who wish to use Sobucky Raw Materials in their end products or list raw materials onto websites.
In order to submit application for the wholesale account, please register on B2B platform by following the link: Create Account. Full company, billing & shipping information have to be given for valid registration.
The Sale Team will verify the account and apply wholesale pricing across the site.
Sobucky will make every attempt to accommodate sample request upon prior account and customer verification.


Business orders are shipped via DHL Freight (pallets), DHL, DPD, UPS and private transport companies. Sobucky will attempt to ship orders as soon as possible, however dispatch time can be up to 5 business days depending on the size & volume of the order. Please be advised that Sobucky is not responsible for any delays caused by carriers or circumstances beyond our control; however we will do all we can to deliver the goods as soon as possible.
Sobucky issue invoices in 2 currencies: EUR (€), PLN (zł), GBP if required. Payments are accepted by bank transfer, debit or credit card as well as by PayPal. Payment should be made once invoice is issued.