Seasonal flavours

Seasonal flavours


Here's the launch of WINTER Christmas flavourings

which are perfect for all bake holiday cooking


Gingerbread, cinnamon, prunes, freshly made sponge cake


Feel the smell of winter and Christmasy vibes with the

Super Aromas Christmas flavours 

Prunes Dry Plum
Super Aromas | Food Flavor Dry plum, intensely sweet and chewy. Its mellow, candied flavor plays well in both sweet and savory applications...
Sweet Gingerman
Super Aromas | Food flavour The sweet, realistic aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. A thick, brown aroma, perfect as an addition t...
Super Aromas | Food flavour Intense aroma of a real cinnamon stick. The aroma perfectly combines with masses, creams, as an addition to cak...
Fresh Sponge cake
Super Aromas | Food flavour freshly baked, buttery homemade sponge cake. A thick aroma, an addition to puddings, creams, cakes, donuts, rol...